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Refund Policy

KRGI is a customer service driven company providing a high-level of online instruction. However, sometimes problems and issues can affect enrollments. This refund policy has been posted in order to help the consumer make informed choices prior to purchase. In order to receive consideration for a refund you must contact us at info@krigerinternational.com to request a drop from a class. This must occur within 24 hours of enrolling. In advance of your enrollment make sure that you have carefully reviewed the course description and outline and that you have scheduled the appropriate time to take the course(s) you are enrolling in. Technology-related issues such as bad emails and server problems that delay a course from starting or interrupting a course already in progress do not qualify for a refund request. A change of plans would not qualify for a refund request. Your inability to view the course on your computer does not qualify for a request (however, we will try our best to help put you in contact with technical support personal to aid in any issues of this type). Medical issues and other unexpected problems while understood cannot qualify for refund consideration. However we can adjust your course so you may delay it's start. and/or completion We may, under certain circumstances provide alternative start dates and or credits for other courses we offer. Any customer service issues regarding the prompt receipt of materials or email notifications or other communication necessary for you to engage in your course of study should first be directed to your instructor and then to the KRGI administration if you still are having problems that need our attention and help. All password are issued for 90 days. Password extension for additional 90 days will be provided for a fee of $ 200 USD.


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